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 Supreme Court Reaffirms Collateral Source Rule in Landmark Opinion in Dedmon Donald Capparella Fall 2017
Death by a Thousand Cuts: Dedmon and Collateral Source Rule Donald Capparella
Elizabeth Sitgreaves
Unwell:  Lawyers and the Art of Practicing Wellness Tracy D. Kane 04/1/16
Basic Tips for the ‘Curiouser’ World of Estate Planning Harlan Dodson
Candi Henry
“The Billable Hour” A Book Review. Candi Henry 11/1/15
What We Need to Know to Plan an Estate Today (and Tomorrow) Harlan Dodson
Jillian Mastroianni
Animal Trusts: How They Can Protect Your Pets Jillian Mastroianni 12/12/14
The Importance of a Fair and Impartial Judiciary Elizabeth Sitgreaves 6/23/14
If You Build it. .  How ‘Music City’ Became a ‘Sports Town Tracy D. Kane 3/28/14
Criminal Appeals Worth the Effort Jason Gichner 2/14/14
Estate Planning Retirement Account Basics Jillian Mastroianni 2/1/14
It’s a Wild Wild World: Securities Laws Get a 21st Century Makeover Tracy D. Kane 9/1/2013
Backward Progress. . . Tracy D. Kane 4/1/2013
Sign Here: Morrison, Allstate, and the “But I Didn’t Read It Rule” Donald Capparella,
Candi Henry
The ABCs of 2013 Tax Laws Harlan Dodson, Tracy D. Kane,
Jillian Mastroianni
Margaret L. Behm Receives David Rutherford Award 2/1/2013
Harlan Dodson Receives John C. Tune Award 1/7/2013
Securities for Sale: Read All About It Tracy D. Kane 11/15/2012
Margaret Behm Receives B. Riney Green Award 11/1/2012
A Label By Any Other Name:
What Do Food Labels Really Tell Us About the Food We Are Eating?
Tracy D. Kane 7/20/2012
Nuts & Bolts of the Criminal Justice System Jason Gichner
Tyler Chance Yarbro,
April 2012 Tennessee Business Tax Update Harlan Dodson 4/1/2012
Hiding in Plain Sight:
Catch 22 on Nondisclosure of Damages Caps to Jury
Donald  Capparella 9/11/2011
Nashville Rises Up for Japan Tracy D.  Kane 4/11/2011
Nashville Bar Association Annual Awards Banquet Tracy D.  Kane 1/11/2011
The Road to Independence Margaret L. Behm 7/1/2011
“Lawyer 2.0.” Tracy D.  Kane 8/31/2010
Tips for Becoming a Better Appellate Advocate
– Writing the Brief
Donald  Capparella,
Amy  Farrar
Tips for Becoming a Better Appellate Advocate
– The Oral Argument
Donald  Capparella,
Amy  Farrar
 Appellate Practice 2016 (for web)
Germantown Lawyers’ Social
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