$3 Million Jury Verdict Overturned; No Duty to Warn of Danger

In products liability cases, a duty to warn arises when a product is defective or unreasonably dangerous. What happens when a jury finds that the maker of a product had a duty to warn others about danger but the jury can’t agree on whether the product was actually defective or unreasonably dangerous?  The resulting Tennessee Court of Appeals opinion in Stockton v. Ford Motor Company presents three judges who agree on the proper result but not the reasons why, in a ruling that has the potential to affect all duty to warn jurisprudence in Tennessee. [Read more…]

Legislative Update

The General Assembly is back in session and that means that more than a few items of interest will be considered in the next few months.  Here are some matters under consideration that will impact the legal system and the ability of Tennesseans to have access to justice. [Read more…]

Jury Verdict Reversed; Personal Injury Claim Reinstated

For personal injury claims, exacerbation of previous injuries are fraught with peril.  This recent Tennessee Court of Appeals case offers a bit of hope… [Read more…]